Hanna Vasilevich contributed to the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe

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  • January 2, 2019

ICELDS Board Chair Dr. Hanna Vasilevich was among the authors of the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Volume 10, edited by Oliver Scharbrodt, Samim Akgönül, Ahmet Alibašić, Jørgen S. Nielsen and Egdūnas Račius, and published by Brill in November 2018.

In her entry entitled “Belarus” (pp. 95-105), Dr. Vasilevich provided a comprehensive overview of the developments, events and trends of the Muslim communities in this country in 2017.

As the editors emphasize in the Yearbook’s Preface (pp. IX-XIII),

“The country reports have provided analysis of public debates on Muslims in a particular country, Church-State relations, and the transnational links of various Muslim organizations, while also including up-to-date demographic information on the Muslim presence in different European countries. It has also thought to answer very practical questions, such as: how many mosques exist in a particular country; how do these countries deal with Muslim burial; and to what extent is halal food available, and what are the legal frameworks around its production?”